FS ANC looks into municipal finance

Thabo Meeko

Free State ANC is prioritising the improvement of the financial status of municipalities in the province. This comes after the Auditor-General of South Africa reported earlier this year that no municipality in the province, including Mangaung Metro Municipality, received a clean audit.

According to Provincial Spokesperson, Thabo Meeko, the issue is on top of the party’s current agenda. “We understand that indeed our municipalities are confronted by serious challenges. We have committed ourselves to correcting this anomaly around the audit of financial management in municipalities. We have started to do that as the ANC in the province,” he said.

Meeko explained that although financial challenges exist, they do not necessarily affect service delivery. “What we want to demystify is that challenges around the ability of municipalities to manage their finances does not necessarily translate into nonservice delivery to our people,” he said.

“We do our own political audit from time to time and interact with people on the ground. Yes, there have been challenges but the essence of our leadership is to resolve them and that is what we are doing,” Meeko elaborated.

Mangaung Metro faces challenges with water supplier Bloem Water, which has announced plans to restrict water later this month due to non-payment by the municipality. “There has been engagement on that issue. The last briefing we got as the ANC in the province was that those discussions will bear fruit and the challenges of water in Mangaung will be resolved,” said Meeko.

The Regional ANC body expressed concern during a briefing last week over service delivery issues such as waste management and a lack of major projects in Mangaung.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele