From local footwear to unique concepts

Founder Sibulele Pandle, wearing his Bhaqaza sneakers

The 22-year-old Sibulele Pandle, who is the founder of his own sneaker brand, Bhaqaza, has bigger plans in store as his brand has now started to evolve into a lifestyle brand.

The young entrepreneur founded Bhaqaza back in 2019. He is proud of the brand having now evolved into what they call a lifestyle brand where the aim is to design and produce visual appealing clothing that is sophisticated, functional, relaxed and comfortable and that can be worn on a day-to-day basis. According to him, Bhaqaza is a Xhosa slang word meaning shoe.

Founder Sibulele Pandle, wearing his Bhaqaza sneakers

Pandle’s journey started when he needed an income and the only way he knew how to earn it was through fashion. “What kept me motivated was the thought of being my own model, wearing my own clothes and opening doors for people like me who were told that they were too fat or too short to become models. Furthermore, it has led to the freedom of bringing my fashion ideas to life.”

The young entrepreneur’s unique and colourful sneakers, Bhaqaza, are one of a kind. He has them made and delivered across the country. Pandle, together with other young creatives and entrepreneurs, has plans to host the biggest street art- fashion shows in Africa.

“Our goal in business is to host the biggest street art-fashion shows in Africa, showcasing one of the rarest African fashion collections and building our Bhaqaza sneaker factories around rural areas in South Africa to mitigate rural urban migration and thus creating a rural economy. We sell sneakers, hats, genuine leather wallets, custom hoodies, T-shirts and later on this year we will officially launch our summer collection,” said Pandle.

iBhaqaza and other Bhaqaza merchandise can be ordered on their social media platforms on Instagram @bhaqaza_footgear and Facebook @bhaqaza footwear.