From doing meth to running marathons

Photo: Costa Carastavrakis yesterday at Exclusive books for his book launch. PHOTO: HEIDRE MALGAS

Costa Carastavrakis, a first time author, has recently published a memoir called “I am Costa – From meth to marathons”, a book where he lets the public in on what he has gone through for the most part of his life.

Carastavrakis’ book was launched yesterday at Exclusive Books in the Loch Logan Waterfront in Bloemfontein, where he spoke briefly about what happens in the book. He also spoke about his past and the effect it has on him as a person today.

“My book is about a guy who battled to fit in, a guy who did not understand his emotions, how I went on a path of addiction to not feel what was going on. The book is about how I bounced back with perseverance,” he said.

The writer who was bullied at a young age, described himself as a stressed out little boy. He turned to hard drugs in his early thirties that helped him cope with what he was feeling. Carastavrakis told Bloemfontein Courant that the motivation behind the book was that he decided to be a speaker and a speaker needs a book. He wanted to write a book to articulate the issues he wants to speak about, such as transformation, addiction, recovery, motivation and mental health.

Carastavrakis has been clean for 13 years and 4 months. “One day I put my takkies on, ran once around the block and I celebrated it. I did little increments and never aimed high. Eventually one day I ran the New York marathon,” he added.

I am Costa – From meth to marathon” is available for purchase from Exclusive Books, Loch Logan Waterfront.

Heidre Malgas