Freed hostage to share her story today


SABRINA DEAN – Freed Yemen hostage Yolande Korkie is travelling back to Johannesburg from Bloemfontein today in a last bid attempt to raise enough funds to secure her husband Pierre’s release.
Gift of the Givers founder Imtiaz Sooliman says with just 24 hours to go until the ransom deadline, Yolande has decided she needs to share her story with the world. “She says she’s not feeling well but she says she has to make the drive from Bloemfontein back to Johannesburg for one last chance to give her story to the world,” he says.
Sooliman says Korkie arrived in Bloemfontein on Wednesday afternoon. “I can only imagine what she’s going through as we only have 24 hours left before the deadline.
“On the one side she has to be with the children, secondly she has to deal with her own issues, her own psychological state and thirdly she must be fearing for her husband Pierre,” he says.
Sooliman says Yolande will address a press conference at 1pm today at the NGO’s logistics centre in Johannesburg.
Al –Qaeda hostage takers released Yolande unharmed last week after she and her husband were held captive since being kidnapped in Taiz in May. The kidnappers are demanding $3-million by Friday for Pierre’s safe release.
Sooliman says he has been inundated with interview requests. He says Yolande decided to share her story witht he world today in the hope that it will help her raise sufficient funds to secure her husband’s release.