Free Wi-Fi for taxi commuters!



At least 200 taxis are expected to get free Wi-Fi installed in July/August in the Free State. This is after the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) launched the Wi-Taxi project in Gauteng yesterday. SANTACO CEO, Nkululeko Buthelezi, says this is all in the efforts of improving service delivery to commuters and to attract more commuters to the taxis and taxi ranks.

“Taxi commuters are not very happy because of the poor level of service. So we have been looking at various methods on how we can make their travelling experience more pleasant. As a socially active organization we are looking at how we can support our communities because we are mostly transporting people who are from disadvantaged communities. We want the young kids to walk to the taxi ranks and get Wi-Fi for free,” said Buthelezi.

In the first phase 1500 taxis and 50 selected taxi ranks around the country will get equipped with Wi-Fi within the first six months. In subsequent phases, between 4 000 and 5 000 Wi-Fi access points would be installed monthly. Each commuter would then receive 50MB free data a month, on 3G and LTE (4G) platforms.

Buthelezi said the aim of the association is to see the installation of Wi-Fi in all taxi and taxi ranks, done within three years. He added that the association is also planning to send their taxi drivers for service delivery training in efforts to improve service and to try and build a better relationship between drivers and commuters.