Free State Government takes a boy child to work


Alzane Narrain
Free State Provincial Government host a 100 orphan boys or boys without fathers over the past weekend as part of the Take a boy child to work initiative.

Free State Department of Education spokesperson, Howard Ndaba, explains that this initiative was held to expose boys to different careers opportunities in government.

“We also wanted to give them a chance to interact with responsible men and inspire them to believe in themselves because many of these boys are without fathers or good male role models,” says Ndaba.

These boys spent quality time with the Premier, MECs, HODs, Mayors, Speakers, Municipal Managers and other senior officials. On Friday they accompanied their hosts to the workplace and on Saturday and Sunday they stayed in their hosts’ homes.
“We want to show these boys if they study and work hard they can also work in government and obtain governmental positions,” he says.

Ndaba adds that the government releases that boys without positive role models are more likely to engage in delinquent behaviour. This initiative is aimed at keeping boys away from social ills such as drug abuse, alcoholism and gangsterism.
According to Ndaba, they want these boys to have bright futures and live a productive life that will transcend into the greater society.

“This is a very humbling experience. One of the boys that I have met told me he never had anyone to call father and that this means a lot to him. He now has someone to look up to and call daddy,” he explains.