Free State girls catwalk all the way to Milan

Ansolet Rossouw, Kayla van Deventer and Chane Husselmann.

Three young local models walked at the high-profile fashion shows of Dolce & Gabbana, in Milan. Two girls, Chane Husselmann and Ansolet Rossouw, are from Bloemfontein while Kayla van Deventer hails from Welkom. They made up a small group of South Africans, including one other model from Pretoria who took part in the shows in July.

Husselman (17), who is currently completing her matric year at Oranje Girls’ School, was discovered on social media by a modelling agent. She has modelled for Balmain, another major international brand and has been featured in Elle magazine’s French publication. Husselman said that she is able to juggle school and a high-profile career by prioritising well. “I feel it is about focusing and balancing. It is difficult, but if you are focused on what you have to do and you are determined, then you will succeed,” she said.

Van Deventer (16), who attends Goudveld High School, agreed and added that the support of her school also plays an important role. “It takes a lot of hard work especially when missing school. One has to be determined and stay focused. The understanding and support of the school plays a huge role.”

Rossouw (18), who has worked with the fashion brand before, expressed that it was an honour to be part of the show. “For me walking for Dolce & Gabbana, every time is more special than the previous one, because we are so close to each other, I feel proud and honoured every time,” she said. Although, she had to cut back on modelling during her matric year, Rossouw dreams of growing her modelling career. “I want to bring my high fashion career to its highest, do a lot of campaigns and then when it’s possible, be based in Cape Town and still work abroad. I just love South Africa so much,” she added.

The young women were scouted by Fanjam, which is the agency that currently represents them. “We could not be prouder of all their accomplishments, being back stage and being a part of the girls’ experience at the Dolce & Gabbana show was a realisation of everything coming together,” said Fanjam’s Charna Gentle. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele