Free state crash leaves two dead 14 injured


Sunday morning Netcare 911 and several other services were dispatched to an accident on the S144 about 40 kilometres from Bloemfontein.

Reports from the scene indicate that the bakkie with sixteen people was traveling along a gravel Road when it overturned and rolled several times.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and found the crumpled remains of the bakkie lying in the veldt with the injured spread over a large area.

After triaging the patients it was found that one person had tragically died two people were critically wounded , four sustained serious injuries while nine miraculously escaped with minor injuries.

Netcare 911 paramedics worked fervently with all the services on scene to stabilise the injured. One of the critically wounded went into cardiac arrest  and paramedics started advanced life support resuscitation.

Tragically, despite all their efforts the patient died at the scene leaving the death toll for this accident at two.

After medics stabilised the injured at the scene they transported them to hospitals in Bloemfontein for the care that they required.


-Statement Issued