Free State ATM ready for elections

Free State ATM leader, John Motlomelo

As many South African political parties are gearing up for the general elections to be held on 8 May 2019, the fairly young party, the African Transformation Movement (ATM) in the Free State is also flexing its muscles.

The party whose leadership is made up of leaders from different church groups, aims to bring peace and to transform the mindset of people on the issues of violent protests in South Africa.

Motlomelo told Bloemfontein Courant that although the ATM has only recently been launched as a political party, it was started a long time ago and has been operating as a community organisation. “We have started the organisation as church leaders from Shembe, the Twelve Apostolic Church, and the ZCC, to name but a few. After so many years we have realised that the current government has failed us in the sense that it is not fulfilling its promises. It is also evident that our society is getting more violent every day under the current government.

“I remember when we young there were religious subjects taught at primary level and there was no violence in schools coming from learners as we are seeing today. We need change in schools, so our mandate is to bring peace and humanity back into society,” said Motlomelo.

He added that the party does not want to see violence against fellow African brothers, and it wants to stop children from becoming more violent and have more respect for their teachers. – Lebakeng Nkabi