Frederiksen’s bail application to be finalised

Peter Frederiksen Photo: André Grobler

The former gunshop owner and Danish citizen Peter Frederiksen’s bail application in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court will be finalised later this month.

Frederiksen earlier this year launched a renewed bail application in the Magistrate’s Court but the matter was postponed indefinitely for him to supply the court with documented proof of finances. The matter was not raised again since then. Frederiksen, 63, appeared in the Free State High Court on Friday as part of a pre-trial hearing for him to appoint legal counsel for the upcoming trial.

A representative of Legal Aid South Africa told the High Court that Frederiksen has applied for legal counsel to represent him at the trial. This matter was postponed to 24 February for a pretrial conference.

Frederiksen faces 59 counts of illegally removing human tissue, the manufacturing of child pornography, being in possession of child pornography and transgression in terms of the Fire Arms Act. He also faces charges in relation to the bribery of a state witness and that he supplied false information to stay in South Africa. He further stands accused of conspiracy to have his wife, Tsili Molise (28), murdered in Lesotho in October last year. The case dossier is about 1700 pages. Earlier, the courts heard that Frederiksen’s diary was translated from Danish to English for the case.

André Grobler