#ForTheLoveOfBooks: Rally to Read to take FS by storm

The founder of Rally to Read, Brand Pretorius, has made a passionate plea to learners, teachers and parents to come out in their numbers to support a two-day leg reading campaign set to be held in the Eastern Free State over the weekend.

He says this campaign aims to make a difference in the quality of education in deep rural areas in the province and across South Africa.

He adds that through the campaign, teachers and pupils will be provided with reading material. Training for teachers from 12 different schools will also be provided. Pretorius says this will benefit at least 3 500 pupils and 100 teachers.

“It is the 17th main rally in the Free State happening over the weekend, with at least 18 co-sponsors involved in this project.”

“Dancing, singing, and reading, amongst other things, will be on the programme and various sponsors will be present and assess the progress made by the schools on the day,” he says.

He also adds that the objective of the Rally to Read project is to improve the level of language proficiency, literacy and the ability to communicate amongst teachers, learners, and parents.

“Some of the teachers have made comments such as ‘Children were learning to read, now they read to learn’. And ‘Books you deliver gives children wings to fly to places they have never imagined’,” Pretorius further adds.

OFM News/Dinovian Lewis