Former councillor says DA claims are baseless

Former Ward 47 councillor, John Du Bruin. Photo: Seithati Semenokane

Former DA councillor John du Bruin is asking why the party failed to charge him for misconduct after he allegedly took another member’s cell phone. The allegations come after the Heidedal councillor left the DA this week to join the Patriotic Alliance.

“If they make these allegations about me then why have they never proven them? Why do they make these allegations now, after a month? I was never called in for a hearing and they say I left the party to escape from my misconduct but they have never charged me,” said Du Bruin.

According to a statement by the DA Mangaung’s Constituency Head James Letuka, Du Bruin resigned two days after disciplinary charges for misconduct were brought against him by the party’s Federal Legal Commission (FLC.) One of the charges that were being investigated included being in possession of a cell phone belonging to a party activist. Letuka stated that there is video footage of Du Bruin taking the phone.

Du Bruin stated that he has not yet taken any legal action. “If they continue with these false allegations then I will approach my lawyer and I will take it further with them,” he said.

The former DA member left the party as he views it as biased. “This just makes me a stronger man because I know they are there just to destroy others, but when it comes to your hard work, this is what they throw back at you,” added Du Bruin.

He was also accused of mistreating informal traders while threatening to bar them from trading in the community. Du Bruin said that these are baseless claims. “I have never had a problem with my community members. If there were problems then why are they only coming out now, after my resignation. They come up with false investigations against me and they have no proof. They only want to tarnish my name,” he explained. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele