Footage of police manhandling UFS’ arrested 17 students to be released

An emotional Katleho Monokoane, receiving hugs from supporters after the magistrate announced that she and other arrested students would get free bail on Tuesday 11 October 2016.

Lindokuhle Ntuli, University of the Free State’s (UFS) SRC leader, confirmed that a call was made by student leaders for action to be taken against police officials who manhandled students in Monday’s arrests.

Ntuli says this point was raised on the 11th of October in a meeting between UFS management, student leaders and other stakeholder groups.

Ntuli adds that the university has surveillance cameras at key points on campus where the arrests were made. He further added that he and others called for the university’s management to release the footage of the arrests to the students’ lawyers as part of a claim students will be making against the South African Police Services (SAPS).

Salle de Beer, national SAPS spokesperson says no claims have been made against the police in Bloemfontein that handled the UFS student arrests on Monday.

Meanwhile, two of the arrested female students allege that they were mistreated when they were arrested, despite how compliant they were.

Katleho Monokoane, one of the arrested female students, says: “I feel very angry. The policeman held my hand roughly and there was no need because I was peaceful and I was already walking to the van. If the intention was to make us scared and to threaten us, it went the other way around.”

Another one of the arrested female students, Noxolo Ncaphayi adds “I was beaten up by a police man when he was arresting me. He slapped me then he threw me inside the van. As he was taking me to the other girls, he choked me and twisted my arm.”

The duo also allege that two other male students were hurt by the police, stating that the shorter one between the two males was deliberately sprayed with pepper spray in the eye by the policemen that arrested them.

University communication officer, Lacea Loader, says she will only comment on these and matters tomorrow.

Pulane Choane/CourantNews