Food & Beer Affair

CUT's hospitality students at the Food & Beer Affair last year.

The Hotel School at the Central University of Technology (CUT) is inviting all the foodies and beer fanatics around town to come and enjoy an evening of fun during their second annual Food & Beer Affair on August 22 at 18:00.

It will be taking place at the Hotel School and people can look forward to five CUT craft beers being paired with a five-course dinner menu. According to the operations manager at the hotel school, Jaydee Snyman, there will be no under 18s allowed at the event due to the fact that they will be serving alcohol.

She further said that the Food & Beer Affair is a very informal and relaxed event hosted by the Hotel School and CAFSaB (Centre for Applied Food Security and Biotechnology) from the CUT.

The guests will enjoy an evening where they will be treated to a five-course dinner, five craft beers (from CUT craft brewery).

Synman said the purpose of the event is to showcase how CUT departments do research and product development like craft beer and bring it to the consumer. “As an institute of higher education we provide a platform for our Hospitality students to showcase their food and beverage and culinary skills, so we need the Bloemfontein community to support our training environment when hosting such events.”

For those interested in attending the event, tickets can be purchased at the Hotel School or from Jaydee Snyman on 051-507-4034 or