Five horses stolen as well as five police saddles


The nearby farms at Phuthaditjhaba have reported alleged stock theft of five horses in a week from two farms.

The horses have not yet been recovered as yet and the police’s saddles were also stolen during a housebreaking incident during December.

It has now come to the attention of farmers and police that they lose horses in area of Phuthaditjhaba recently. The two horses were stolen at Plat Kop Farm district Phuthaditjhaba whilst they were fastened on ropes grazing in the field.

Other three horses were reported stolen at Mount Paul Farm District Phuthaditjhaba while they were also grazing. It has never been an issue on theft of horses but the recent thefts should not be taken lightly by livestock owners.

During the festive season unknown person(s) allegedly break into police stables at Phuthaditjhaba Mounted Unit where horses and saddles are kept. They allegedly stole four saddles and boots of police riders.

We urge the community members having information with regard to this incident to contact Phuthaditjhaba police on (058) 718-0895. The fact is the same horses are mostly used in this area to fight livestock and other serious crimes.

Your assistance in this regard will be appreciated as the case is under investigation in all three above cases.