Five basic tips to keep your vehicle maintained

Small tips on keeping your vehicle maintained could help a lot in the long run. PHOTO: iStock

Maintenance probably rates as one of the most dreaded words when owning a car for a more than a number of reasons.

While the assumption prevails that a car is a car and thus won’t ever go wrong besides being in an accident, when it does, the end result is shoulder sagging one often dressed with regret and murmurs of, ‘why didn’t we look after it before?’

As per the adage better safe than sorry, Battery Centre has released the following tips on how to look after your vehicle without needing to fork out a lot when matters do indeed go wrong.

Rotate your tyres
Changing your tyres adds up to even wear and maximises distance without having to buy separately and, therefore, end-up with uneven tread patterns.

Light key
Be careful of the amount of accessories you have attached to your vehicle’s key. It could wear out your ignition barrel and ultimately result in a failure to start.

Prepare for an on-board emergency
Always have a series of emergency items on hand such as jumper cables, jack and/or a torch.

Clean view
Make sure your wipers wipe the windscreen clean as to avoid visibility problem.

Keep the charge up

Ensure your battery is up to date even if it is certified maintenance free. Do a visual check to identify possible issues.

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