First of a kind Japanese production to slam PACOFS



A one of a kind production is heading to Bloemfontein on Valentine’s Day. Not only is it a first for the province, but it’s also a first in the country. The first-time-ever Japanese production is sure to entice every art, dance and music lover, young and old alike.

Condor is an all-male company of performers who will be encapsulating some of their best work in their 15 years of touring in an energy packed and lively production called GRANDSLAM and their kind of contemporary dance has never been witnessed in the country before.

Artistic Director at PACOFS Jerry Mofokeng says “It’s just an exciting spectacle; I will call it a spectacle. What excited me is the difference (in the production) because I have not seen anything else like it around here and so I thought let’s give our local audience something new, different and special.”

Mofokeng expresses, before watching the Japanese production he realised that sometimes we misjudge things out of ignorance. “Imagine a group of 13 men, who go from children storytelling to playing all characters of all male, female and children and they are dancing and then they are singing and doing martial arts, even if you close your ears, just what you will see in front of you is almost like a live circus, drama, comedy and dance,” he enthuses.

Cape Town theatre impresario of the Japanese production, Jackï Job echoes that Condor has been together since 1996 and they have been touring all over the world. “They have a very distinct style and last year they performed in Amsterdam, Holland and got rave reviews,” she says.

Job adds that bringing such a production to the country is both a bright and exciting way of teaching audiences about the different, often confused, Asian cultures. “Chinese, Korean and Japanese people are very different and the theatre provides a great learning platform,” she enthuses.

According to Job the 13 men in the show are highly energetic, very funny and each one plays an instrument and it’s easy for everyone to relate to the show. They are aged between 35-45 years and will only be performing in Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Durban.

The one-night show is 70minutes and audiences will see pop culture, performances sketches and fun from the talented group of men. They will be back in Japan on the February, 19th.

In his parting words Mofokeng says anyone coming to watch the nutty production should take off their seat belt and take off everything they have preconceived about the Japanese.

“Come and have a lovely time on a love night and I am sure your supper will go down well.”