Finding rhythm and melody within yourself

Maritsa Barlow is a local music therapist who will host a workshop on 4 May 2024. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A love for music that started at the tender age of four, has traversed into a journey of healing and passion that lasted longer than the melodies that a now music therapist enjoyed when she was much younger.

Maritsa Barlow is a local qualified and registered Music Therapist in Bloemfontein who has been a professional musician and teacher for over two decades. “I’ve always maintained that we are all musical beings – that rhythm, song and melody lives in our bodies just as much as thoughts and emotions do,” expressed Barlow.

She explained that she became a professional musician after leaving school. “I felt like there was still something missing. It was then that I found out about the field of Music Therapy, and I have found a home in that field ever since.”

For her music therapy is a “therapeutic intervention where clinical goals are achieved through the use of various musical approaches, such as music listening, voice work, breathing, movement, drumming, song-writing, lyric analysis and free improvisation”.

She added that one of the most valuable aspects of Music Therapy is that it is noninvasive. “You don’t have to have any training, background or experience with any of the art forms to benefit from Music Therapy. In fact, when we don’t have any experience in something we are able to approach it with a curious, playful and non-judgmental attitude. “Especially as adults!”

Barlow and a colleague, Alina Garau, will be hosting a series of workshops this year that focuses on various aspects of the self. “This will include Persona, Ego, Shadow, the relationship with self and others, etc. Every workshop will include some drumming, journaling, very powerful guided imagery with music and drawing. Each workshop will conclude with an opportunity to share and integrate the experience. Our first workshop will take place on 4 May and the rest of the dates will be available soon,” said Barlow.

Locals interested in exploring music therapy and expanding their knowledge are encouraged to follow Maritsa Barlow Music Therapy on Facebook or call 076-285-8387 for more information.

Gypseenia Lion