Where would we find Jesus today?


Many of the places Christians would not dare enter today are the exact places where the harvest is ready to be picked. I’ve been thinking a lot about where Jesus would be if He were on earth today.
Would he be sitting in the church building all day, praying? Would He be in a constant meditative trance, not conversing with anyone? Or would He spend his Saturday nights in night clubs and brothels, talking to the “scum” of the earth, reaching out to them with His message of grace?
Many Christians would be glad that Jesus is in heaven and not earth if they knew what He would call them to do if they walked the streets with Him. In our day we wouldn’t dare shake the hand of a pot smoker because we know that the stench is infectious.
Jesus, however, sat among drunks and party animals so much that their characteristics were attributed to Him when the Jews said “Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners” – Luke 7v34.
We pride ourselves in the wrong things, brothers and sisters. We are disciplined Bible readers and intercessors but we forget that without love we are empty and bankrupt (1 Corinthians 13).
When was the last time you put your arm around another person whom you are not well acquainted with and told them that you care for them? Have you ever walked around the block in your neighbourhood just to meet people in order to tell them about Jesus?
Jesus came for love and found us in the worst of places, yet we won’t go into the ‘belly of the beast’ to gather those who are dead but not lost. We have the remedy for death, Jesus Christ.