Fifth ‘Rambo Squad’ policeman arrested


Duane Petrus – A fifth police officer from Ficksburg has been linked to the notorious “Rambo Squad” and was arrested on assault charges yesterday. Phillip Ramathokgo was granted R1 000 bail in the Ficksburg Magistrate’s Court this morning. Samson Pokedi, Johannes Sefatsa, Matthews Radebe and Stephen Molete are also charged with assaulting a number of people in the town. NPA spokesperson, Phaladi Shuping, says it will be decided on 6 November whether the case would be transferred to the High Court. Shuping says the magistrate’s court would be converted into a high court if it is decided so, and a judge and advocate from Bloemfontein would then be appointed. The other four officers were also granted R1 000 bail earlier.