Fibre makes it all possible


Bloemfontein, take your connection to the next level with froggin’ awesome fibre from Frogfoot. Get connected and place an order at Here are some of the ways that a fibre connection from Frogfoot can better your life:

Be entertained
Rapidly download or even live stream your favourite HD TV shows, movies games and music via the Internet.

Secure your home and suburb with CCTV
Rolling out a fibre network makes it possible for CCTV cameras to be placed throughout the community, playing a significant role in improving the overall security in the covered areas.

Stay connected
Stay in touch with your loved ones all over the world with the fastest speeds that keep you connected via Skype.

DStv-ready connections
Prepare your home for DStv.

Be future ready
According to US trends, fibre can boost your house value by more than 3.1% with renters willing to pay 15% more for a home with a fibre connection.

Fast connection ensures that your kids can now keep up with their assignments and homework with e-learning and access to top resources.

Make phone calls at a fraction of the cost
VoIP (Voice over IP) can cut your phone costs by making calls (locally and internationally) from you home at a fraction of current costs, but with crystal clear quality.

Work from home
Set up your office at home with a lighting fast connection.