FEDSAS supports rewriting of leaked exams

Stack of books, colorful stationery and education supplies on wooden table in classroom with blackboard in background

The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS) says that even though it has great compassion with the thousands of learners  who have to repeat this process, the integrity of the matric certificate over the long term carries more weight than the short-term disruption of rewriting two exam papers.

Deputy CEO of FEDSAS, Jaco Deacon, feels that with the disruptions of Covid-19 already casting a long shadow over the 2020 school year, matrics can simply not afford any doubt over the integrity of the matric certificate. Matric results play an important role in a learner’s future. “We cannot afford a perception that the 2020 results should be taken with a grain of salt. Rewriting these two papers is crucial for these learners’ future.”

Therefore, FEDSAS is calling on the school community to support matric learners with time and access to a quiet environment, which are conducive to studying as well as to provide learners with material that might already have been destroyed or is no longer easily accessible.

FEDSAS says in a statement that it does not condone any calls that learners should boycott the rewrite. “It is simply irresponsible and selfish and points to a disregard of these learners’ rights. It gambles with their future for political gain,” says Deacon.

Deacon says FEDSAS acknowledges everyone’s right to test the fairness of the decisions in court. “We will be keeping an eye on this process but learners should continue preparing for the exams. From the start, FEDSAS has called for a thorough investigation and for the guilty parties to be handed the harshest possible sentence.” –

Sazly Hartzenberg