Faulty street lights a concern for Bfn residents

Centlec attending to a broken street light

Dark streets in the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality have become a big concern for residents as they pose a threat to the safety of people who go out at night.

The city’s power utility, Centlec, said some areas within the city are dark or without lights due to theft and vandalism. Centlec spokesperson, Lele Mamatu, said they have noted with great concern persistent damage to most of the city’s streetlights. “We have no doubt that there is a syndicate that is vandalising our street lights.

This matter has already been reported to law enforcement agencies who have been asked to assist us in dealing with it.” Centlec has urged members of the community to report faulty street lights as it has a team dedicated to attend to such cases. This can be done for street lights that are not badly damaged and/or affected by vandalism.

According to Mamatu, single complaints are attended to within three days and area complaints or faults within five days. This is according to Centlec’s maintenance policy Many community members have voiced their worries about the dark streets in the city as it is not only a danger to them but to road users as well.

Heidedal resident, Meghan Pearl, said having to drive with your lights on bright because street lights are not working, is impractical. Ruan van Wyk from Fauna said this is a big danger as some people work late hours and can’t see a thing in the streets when returning home. Wilgehof resident, Reemo Swartz, said the broken lights in his area is a major concern for the safety of his family.

“As we live in a crescent with houses being built around an island and the majority of the lights not working, it is most certainly a safety concern.” “Part of the mandate of Centlec is to keep the city safe and keep the lights on, especially at night. Hence, it is important that we maintain and service our street lights,” Mamatu concluded.

Faulty streetlights, including high mast lights, can be reported by phoning the street lights department at 051 409 2298 or the Centlec call centre at 086 0076 937 You can also send your message via its Facebook page @Centlec or on Twitter @ Centlecutility.

Pierce van Heerden