Faults at clinics



Gerhard Koorts, PSA provincial manager in the Free State, said the report was compiled after sporadic complaints about the situation at the clinics and other buildings in the province. These cases outlined serious contraventions of the occupational health and safety regulations.

Fauna Clinic:
• Cracks in walls exist. These cracks are big enough to see into pharmacy and room next to reception.
• Roof in the pharmacy is leaking and medication is getting wet.
• Water damage is visible on the walls.
• Emergency back exit/door also used to deliver goods and services is welded. Door is also in a very poor condition. Holes in the wood are visible.

Opkoms Clinic:
• Ceiling is falling in and holes in ceiling are visible.
• Bathroom tiles are broken and in a very poor condition.
• Holes in roof.
• Water damage is visible on the walls.
• Cracks in the wall in reception area are big enough to see through.
• Wall in personnel parking area has collapsed.
• Floor is not even due to cracks and building movement.
• Ramp also does not have a rail for disabled people.
• Pharmacy air-conditioner is not working. Medication is supposed to be stored between 0 and 20 degrees. In pharmacy it was 24 degrees at time of inspection.

Bloemspruit Clinic:
• No water available in parts of the clinic. Toilets cannot be used in this area and staff cannot wash their hands.
MUCPP (Free State Community Partnership Programme):
• Ceiling is not stable. Incidents occurred when the ceiling fell on patients.
• Roof in waiting area is leaking.
• Air-conditioner is not working in the admin section.
• Maintenance people were transferred to do other work, because no equipment or stock to maintain building was ordered in a period of 2 years. Currently no one is doing any maintenance and oxygen is a problem. Nurses must manage the oxygen, while it is actually the responsibility of maintenance staff.
• Toilets on ground floor are leaking right through the concrete and to the basement. Personnel park in the basement. This is also an infection risk.
• Building is also unsafe it subside into the ground.
• Maintenance staff have been redeployed and they do not have tools to work with.

Koorts said what is shocking about this situation is that the same government who is supposed to implement and monitor the legislation ends up contravening its own laws.