Farming community funded for security cameras


The Agri Securitas Trust Fund recently allocated more than R1,5 million to approximately 420 farmers and 15 500 farm workers across South Africa for the installation of camera networks and security equipment. Japie Grobler, chair of the Agri Securitas Trust Fund, said that 12 farmer associations were used to help distribute this money in efforts increase the safety of the farming community in the country.

“The safety of our farmers and farm workers is important and, with the financial assistance of the Trust Fund, we help to protect the asset that is responsible for stability and food security in the country. The degree to which the farming community is subject to violence and property-related crime poses an enormous problem for the sector and all South Africans should be made aware of this. At the same time, we must also take note of the crime that threatens other communities in the country and the negative impact this has on their right to safety,” said Grobler.

He added that the funds were allocated to farmer associations in Northwest, Northern Cape, Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. The farming community is subjected to home burglaries and the accompanying trauma; stock theft; the theft and destruction of farm infrastructure and smuggling crimes, thus the trust fund attempts to contribute towards their protection, with the funds at their disposal.

Grobler stated that farmer associations are to an increasing extent relying on camera systems which offer them observation capability over a wider area. With these systems, suspicious vehicles and people that access an area can be identified, which in turn enables the community to respond promptly in the case of suspicious incidents.

“The Trust Fund will appreciate all possible financial contributions from the corporate and private sector so that it can continue with its work, especially against the backdrop of the escalating demand for financial support. The Trust Fund remains a neutral and ideal platform to contribute towards the fight against rural crime and the protection of our farming community,” concluded Grobler.