Farmers reminded to vaccinate livestock against Rift Valley Fever

The government on Monday issued a reminder to owners of cattle, sheep and goats to vaccinate their livestock against Rift Valley Fever (RVF).

According to the department of agriculture, land reform and rural development (DALRRD) the recent good rainfall in certain areas of the country would result in an increase in the numbers of mosquitoes that transmit the disease.

RVF is a serious viral disease that is spread through mosquitoes, it causes abortions and death in young cattle, sheep and goats.

Human beings coming into contact with the blood and other bodily fluids of infected animals can also develop RVF.

“Farmers are therefore advised to vaccinate all cattle, sheep and goats against Rift Valley Fever, especially in areas that have recently received rainfall. The Live vaccine (OBP Live) can only be used in non-pregnant animals as the live vaccine can cause abortions. Only dead or inactivated (OBP) vaccine must be used in pregnant animals. It is the responsibility of the animal owners to vaccinate their animals and prevent loss,” said Reggie Ngcobo, media liaison officer for DALRRD.

Any suspicion of RVF disease must be reported immediately to the nearest state veterinarian, he added.

African News Agency (ANA)