Falsified overtime claims cost the municipality – Mlamleli

About 100 workers gathered outside the municipal offices this morning to enquire about outstanding overtime payments and deductions on their monthly salaries. Photo: Katleho Morapela

The Executive Mayor of Mangaung Metro Municipality, Olly Mlamleli says the municipality currently has a high expenditure of overtime payments. She said this in relation to municipal workers downing tools this morning over outstanding overtime payments and salaries.

Mlamleli told Courant that there are allegations by community members that some municipal workers do not work during the course of the day, so that they can claim overtime money and as a results the municipality has high expenditures of overtime.

“So with that background, the municipality is having a high abnormal expenditure when it comes to overtime, so we are in the process of controlling the overtime. But, be that as it may, the overtime is not a business making opportunity. Overtime is for the people who worked late after hours and for a specific purpose.”

Mlamleli says the municipality will investigate the matter, and each case will be dealt on its merits. She says payment of workers whose overtime claims have been proved will be paid. She says the municipality will not allow tax payers’ money to be wasted.

Katleho Morapela / Courant News