Facebook page for disgruntled R699 car owners


Duane Petrus – A Facebook page for disgruntled vehicle owners, who have not been paid for having advertising stickers on their cars, has generated more than 1 200 members.

Liezl Barclay, who started the group in January, says she initially experienced problems with the “brand new car for R699” scheme last year, when she was not paid for the kilometres she drove.

The agreement, with Hong-Kong based Blue Lakes and the local Satinsky Group, subsidises owners for the distances they travel with these stickers on their cars.

Barclay now has to pay her car’s full instalment of R2 500, and previously paid just under R1 000 with the advertising fees she received.

"When I first started the Facebook group they phoned and said they are not willing to pay me for the months I did not get the payments, or for the the reinstatement of my contract if I do net delete the Facebook page. I said to them forget it, I am not going to close the page, because I wanted to warn people about this scheme," Barclay said.

Over 17 000 of these vehicle owners learnt last week that the deal has been cancelled.

Members of Barclay’s group are now considering taking legal action against the companies involved.