Express yourself on canvas

Local artist Vuyelwa Moledi

Local artist Vuyelwa Moledi is using her love for art to help people express their emotions on canvas through a series of events that not only pique your curiosity but also act as a platform to meet new people.

The 31-year-old painter stumbled upon her love for art while sketching at an event she was invited to. “I started sketching but it was not something that came naturally. I then mixed different colours and my best friend told me that it looks like abstract art. I then researched abstract art and found a completely new world.”

Moledi is inspired by emotions and stories. “Art is important because the world sees the real you and your story on the canvas and it helps with healing parts of you that you don’t really see.”

She has taken her passion a step further by hosting weekly “Sip and paint” events at different establishments around town. “The aim is to bring art to the people in unconventional settings and inspire people to express how they feel through art and discover a new hobby and possibly a new talent. We also host private, corporate, picnics and kid’s events to suit a customer’s needs.”

For more info, visit V Moledi Art on Instagram.

Pierce van Heerden