Event concepts made easy with #GigCulture

Lesley Jennings, managing director of Gigculture . PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

Known for her passion to push boundaries and business innovation, Bloemfontein Business guru and professional musician, Lesley Jennings, is back with a new events company. Born and bred in Ladybrand, Jennings is known around the city for her popular events such Jazz on the Lawn.

GigCulture was launched in April 2019 and specialises in entertainment and lifestyle events. According to Jennings they offer services to enhance productions, such as backstage coordination, artist liaison, concept to coordination. “GigCultures website offers ticketing, a GigCalendar to keep our community up to date on events, and we also offer cashless payment solutions, using RFID technology with single-use tags or cards.

This technology allows event organisers the power to enhance their events and attendees to have control of their expenditure in a safe way when attending events,” Jennings said.
The aim of the newly established company is to craft ideas into reality.

According to Jennings, many people have event ideas for social gatherings and public events but often struggle to execute them. GigCultures has a reputation for making the impossible happen.

“I have had the concept of GigCulture for over two years now. I’ve spent a lot of time attending other events and festivals, and from an experiential perspective, realised that a product which is friendlier to audiences and organisers and which is affordable, was needed,” she said.

GigCulture also presents Downtown Sundown that is an event hosted every two weeks at the Louis Building, in partnership with Big Massive. According to Jennings the objective of this event is to get people together, with a beautiful view, good music and a great time outside.”Young people don’t really have a place to kick back that isn’t a club environment with great music such as hip hop, Neo Soul, and lounge music.”

According to Jennings, many creatives gather there but they see an array of people that love life and connecting with new people at each event.

For more information, visit their website at www.gigculture.co.za or their Facebook page at GigCulture.

Pierce van Heerden