Etsose Batjha Project Launched to enhance the Mangaung heritage



The important part of the Etsose Batjha Project is for the youth to take care of the heritage of city.

The Etsose Batjha Furniture Repair and Manufacturing Project was launched on Wednesday in Bloemfontein.

The project is launched by the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality and Belgian City of Ghent. The spokesperson of Mangaung Qondile Khedama says the two cities entered into an agreement to empower the 21 youth participants through training and skills transfer.

“Some of the youth were recruited and others they saw a post that was advertised. We want to come in-between the Further Education Training (FET) colleges and people who are skilful in woodwork,” says Khedama.

The project will operate for a year and they will sell some the equipment that will be manufactured. “We treat this as a pilot project. The Executive Mayor Thabo Manyoni feels passionate about youth development which the project is launching during youth month,” he says.

The municipality wants to ensure that when the program is done the participants will get employed or open their own companies. “This is the youth that is unemployed but enthusiast to woodwork,” says Khedama.