Estherea, giving women back their power

Photos: Tinette Turton Photography

Estherea Women’s Wellness Clinic in Bloemfontein, is a midwifery and Christian-driven practice, which was founded in 2016. The team at Estherea believes that giving birth is a normal physiological process that contributes to one of life’s most amazing experiences, and because of this, the clinic provides quality, individualised and one-on-one care in a relaxed, homely environment. It provides doula care, where doulas work with families and take them through the process, from the start of the pregnancy up to birth and beyond.

Tinette Turton Photography

On site skincare specialist, Vianda from Pleroma, offer mothers and babies holistic skin care therapy. Hartklop 4D provides non-diagnostic ultrasounds to capture beautiful pictures and video-clips of your baby in utero and Tinette Turton Photography specialises in birth photography.

According to Charné Human, the name Estherea is based on Queen Esther from the Bible, who stood up for her faith. At the clinic they stand for what they believe in – returning the birth process to the natural experience it once was.

Tinette Turton Photography

Estherea also provides educational training on what to expect, and creates a birth plan that is unique to every family’s needs. The team at Estherea take pride in the fact that they have a different philosophy on routine medical interventions and both mommy and baby are a priority at the wellness clinic. “At the clinic we only have one rule and that is that there are no rules; if you want your whole family in the room with you, if you want to birth standing or sitting, it’s simply your choice,” Charné explained. “We love when our patients become like family”.

Tinette Turton Photography

The team on site anticipate any issues that might arise and have systems in place to transfer mother and baby to hospital if necessary. One of the main priorities of the midwives and doulas is to ensure a SAFE, happy and healthy mommy and baby and to make the birth the best experience that it can possibly be for the family. Charné explained that medical aids do cover the services provided by the wellness clinic.

She added that the team at Estherea manage the whole pregnancy: antenatal care, the birth on site, as well as postnatal care which includes home visits.They also have a baby clinic, which takes care of immunisations, weighing and measuring of the babies.  An on-site sonographer provides medical ultrasounds.

Tinette Turton Photography

Something Estherea is well-known for in Bloemfontein is sensitive Caesarean sections, a service where the midwives assist during the c-section at hospital, by implementing immediate skin-to-skin care, initiating breastfeeding while still in theatre and keeping mother and baby together.  Hydrotherapy is yet another of the many services offered where babies are introduced back into the water during their first bath. “We also offer antenatal classes and child birth workshops at Estherea.”

If women would like to get in touch with Estherea, they can visit their website or Facebook page. Estherea also offers a service called “walk through”, which is free of charge, where families can book an appointment with a midwife who will show them around and tell them what they can expect and answer any questions they might have.

Sazly Hartzenberg