Eskom still faces massive 18 000 MW power shortfall – IRR policy paper



Eskom should go back to being run by engineers in order to close the 18 000MW high power shortfall.

This comes from the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR) today in a report released by engineer Andrew Kenny.

The report found that South Africa faces a far greater electricity shortfall than is commonly estimated.

Mienke Stytler says the way government is dealing with the energy woes isn’t going to solve the crumbling state of electricity in the country.

She says several of the existing coal stations built in the 1970s that had an expected 40 year life, are now being run into the ground and will need to be replaced by 2030 if not before.

The report further indicates that the new coal-fired power stations at Medupi and Kusile which were finally commissioned are still years behind schedule in mending the power shortfall.