Eskom running at ‘higher risk levels’ this winter


With winter here consumers tend to use more electricity to keep warm resulting in a higher demand for electricity and higher electricity bills.

Eskom has indicated at a recent media briefing on the State of the Power System that there is sufficient capacity to meet the demand most of the day in winter. The concern is during the evening peak demand between 5pm and 9pm. If that can be reduced by as much as 2000MW, the security of electricity supply will be adequate.

Eskom CE Brian Dames said: "We remain determined to avoid load-shedding, but we are running at higher levels of risk this winter, particularly during the evening peak."

Households can help reduce the load and beat the peak on the power grid by following these four easy steps, especially between 5pm and 9pm on weekdays:

(1) switch off geysers and pool pumps,
(2) switching off non-essential lights,
(3) finding alternatives to electric heaters and
(4) responding to the Power Alert and the Power Bulletin messages on both radio and TV .

Eskom has committed to keep the lights on but cannot do it alone. For more information on electricity saving tips, visit the Eskom website on

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