Eskom confirms crack in second Majuba silo


SABRINA DEAN – Eskom has confirmed the presence of a large crack in another of its silos at Majuba power station.

Spokesperson Andrew Etzinger says Eskom is well aware of the crack, adding that all of the silos at Majuba are now empty following the recent collapse of Silo 20. He says silos 10 and 30 were also emptied so that investigations can take place.

"The crack is at the top of the silo (silo 30) so it doesn’t pose aproblem in terms of collapse of the silo but nevertheless it gives us important clues as to the state of the silo and also what might have led to the collapse of silo 20," he says.

He says coal is now being transported to Majuba with trucks instead of the conveyer-belt silo supply system.

Etzinger has meanwhile warned of possible load shedding today. "At this stage our best estimate is taht the weekend will be okay, with just the possible risk of load shedding duirng the course of today but nothing is scheduled," he says.

He has again reiterated calls for consumers to save power wherever possible by switching off non-essential appliances and lights.

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