Eskom asks consumers to use electricity sparingly

While Eskom said on Tuesday that there would be no load-shedding on Wednesday, the power utility again called on its customers to use electricity sparingly.

The power utility recommends switching off lights in unoccupied rooms, unplugging appliances and equipment not in use, not using the standby mode for electronic devices such as TVs and computers, setting air conditioners at a comfortable 23ºC, or using windows for ventilation instead of air conditioners.

Decreasing the use of electricity will help lower the load on the system and reduce the risk of load-shedding, Eskom said.

“The system remains constrained with unplanned outages or breakdowns at 12 974 MW as at 6pm this evening (Tuesday) and our teams continue to work around the clock to reduce these incidents.

“All emergency generators remain at good levels to supplement capacity tomorrow (Wednesday), should the need arise.

We are monitoring the system closely and we will continue to give periodic updates on the status of the power system as things may change at short notice,” Eskom said.

African News Agency