ER24 Hoax calls – Think before you dial



Last year ER24 received more than 33 000 hoax calls. This is according to Spokesperson Pieter Rossouw who urges people to stop making prank calls to the medical emergency services as they hinder with their ability to respond to real emergencies.

"The only one emergency number in the country got more then 136 000 hoax calls in the last five years. Last year alone, more than 33 000 calls, what people need to understand is that every single time you put in a hoax call the guys at the call centre don’t know it’s a hoax call, so they send out an ambulance and gets there and realise it’s a hoax call in the same time another person could phone with an actual emergency and that ambulance won’t be available to go there," he says.

Calls ranged from reports of non-existent collisions to people being in distress in remote locations. Rossouw adds shockingly, adults contributed significantly to the number of hoax calls received by contact centre agents.

ER24 says if they dispatch an ambulance to an incident reported by a hoax caller it also has an impact on the company’s finances and resources. He says even though their head office is Gauteng, pranks calls come from all over the country.

ER24 is the premier private emergency medical care provider in South Africa that has been providing a range of quality emergency response and pre-hospital care services since 2000. They stipulate that operate from 45 bases throughout South Africa.