EP Showcases young talent

From the left: Lenthea Jantjies, Levante du Preez, Darrol Campbell and Ruan Granelligh. PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

A musician from Heidedal has just finished compiling and composing his Extended Play (EP) record, except that with this record, he intends to promote the artists performing on it rather than make himself some profit.
Twenty-five-year-old Levante du Preez said that he acquired a sponsorship from a local patron so that five vocal artists from Heidedal could come together and showcase their respective talents through this record.
“We started recording about three to four months ago and I set out to look for the top-five artists in Heidedal, according to my opinion. I then approached them and asked them if we could work together so that through this production, I would be able to let the rest of the world know what Heidedal has to offer,” Du Preez said.
Released through his record company, LevanteMuzik, he aptly named the production the “Love, Hope and Faith EP”. He hopes to document the love these artists have for their crafts. While he is also a keyboard and guitar player, Du Preez said the most
important thing for him is getting these outstanding artists the exposure they deserve so that they will actually be able to make a living from their talents. “As a full-time artist, I can empathise with these artists on how hard it gets sometimes to pursue your talents and passions. Especially when no money is coming in but you still have the passion and believe that it will one day pay off. As a father and family man, I understand this all too well because I have a family to support and not everyone understands your passions as well as you do, ” he added.
While the EP is finished being recorded at
the moment, they will only release and launch it on 30 June 2018 at Moods and Flavours Jazz Lounge in Heidedal as several other technicalities now need to be taken care of.
“We still have to now print the CD covers and get the songs registered with the relevant authorities but once everything is sorted and the products are ready for sale, the artists will receive 50% of all proceeds, while I will give the remainder of the 50% to charity,” Du Preez said. He can be contacted at 074-804-8683 for pre-order.
Patrons interested in offering him sponsorships with regard to the upcoming event may also contact him on the same number. Follow his page on Facebook @LevanteMuzik or on Instagram LevanteMuzik 93 to see what projects he is working on as well as other projects he has worked on before.

Pulane Choane