Entrepreneur’s colleagues lead her into a business venture

Entrepreneur Reagobaka Taunyane who has founded the Utterblvk brand of earrings.

My former colleagues led me to become an entrepreneur.” These are the words of Reagobaka Taunyane, project manager, graphic designer and founder of the Utterblvk brand. Taunyane, who grew up in Bloemfontein, said her love for earrings started at a time when she realised she needed something to elevate her simple style of dressing.

I needed something to complement my bold personality and a pair of earrings was my ultimate answer. I enjoyed making earrings for myself and my former colleagues always wanted them for themselves every time I wore them to work. What also brought Utterblvk to the fore, was the annoyance I experienced when I couldn’t find my earring style at retail stores. This led to me saving myself with my creative skills,” she said.

Taunyane told Bloemfontein Courant building clientele was not really difficult for her, as she has always found it easy to work with people. Sharing her passion with people has always brought her joy. Her first range of earrings sold out on WhatsApp within a week, resulting in venturing into other social media platforms such as Instagram. Her product represents boldness, which is mostly her target market, she explained.

I believe that people should be fierce and not afraid to stand out. Through my products, I have managed to restore confidence in people who were afraid to wear big earnings, thinking they won’t suit them. I was blessed to dress Dj Lamiez with my Utterblvk earrings, something that will remain a highlight for me and my brand. She wore my product on national television and while attending big events. This also boosted my Instagram account as it meant more followers and an increase in my client base.”

Taunyane described the power of networking as beyond measure. She said word-of-mouth marketing cannot be underrated and told the publication how a lady by the name of Kelebogile previously introduced her to the world of opportunities at a flea market, which also boosted her business as this colorful market gives businesses a free platform to showcase products. Taunyane said she will be attending another flea market at colorful market at Kwa Jay Carwash to showcase her talent and introduce her brand to people on 11 December. She is currently working alone, though some of the ideas for her products have come from some of her clients and close friends.

Taunyane concluded by saying that she would not only like to transform her business, but also see her products evolve.

Kekeletso Mosebetsi