Enjoy an experience of food, art and fashion

Anri Powell of Ace Models

The Wow of FAF, the wonderful world of food, art and fashion experience comprises elements of music, food and fashion, integrated as one massive art piece.
Each element will complement the other in a way that no one can imagine. The music and art are the canvas and the brushes of this unforgettable day. To celebrate the beauty of art the Odeion Quartet from Bloemfontein will fill the empty spaces and create the mood for the day. They are a combination that will complement the culinary experience, art and fashion element. Musicians Reinhardt Grobbelaar and Cara Stevens will be the “draw card” for the young artist.
The brainchild of The Wow of FAF is well-known producer Willie Venter, known as the creative genius behind shows with the likes of Moments, Afrikaans is Groot, Skouspel and many more. He has teamed up with the MD of Tredenham Boutique Hotel, Gavin Sam Jacobson, to create the Wow of FAF.
Bloemfontein is experiencing a gourmet revolution, visible in everything from wine tasting to the increase of culinary art. Tredenham provides customers with an atmosphere that resembles a hip new restaurant or wine bar where they can relax and unwind. This makes Tredenham a more viable destination for dinner and for people who simply want to escape from the office or the house.
The designs of well-known designers Heinrich Greyling and Diaan Daniels are part of the experience.
The “face of the fashion” of the designers will be models from Anri Powell’s Ace Models in Bloemfontein.
Well-known artists, Liesel Wessels, Rudolph Pretorius, Fana and students of Dina Art School will provide the “final brushes” and action of the day.
Their art and expertise will play a huge role in the integration of food, art and fashion. Tickets are available at R320 per person and include a four-course meal and wine. The event will take place on 19 November at the Tredenham Boutique Hotel from 12:00 to 15:00. For more information call 051-433-4127.