Empty promises or hope for change?

Photo used for illustration purpose only. PHOTO: GYPSEENIA LION.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has released statistics mentioning that over 1.2 million new voters have been added to the voter’s roll since the opening of registrations in November 2023.

Bloemfontein Courant had the opportunity to discuss this crucial time in the country’s political system with a few residents.

Helene Conradie, a resident of Langenhoven Park, described the voting process as a sort of insanity. “Insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result and that captures exactly how I feel about the elections.”Conradie hopes to see a shift in power will take place.

PJ du Plessis, who was retrenched due to the Covid-19 pandemic and had to fend for himself on the streets as a car guard, realised that voting is truly pointless.

“As a middle-aged white male, I’ve voted multiple times but I’ve only woken up to poverty and empty promises so no, I will not be voting.”

PJ du Plessis, a retrenched car guard. PHOTO: ABIGAIL VISAGIE

Tshepo Motaung feels that young people need to have more say in the upcoming elections and that is why he will be voting.


The student hopes that after the elections, there will be a bigger budget for academic funding. He also hopes to see a change in the infrastructure of the country.

Civil engineer Xavier Jansen will definitely be voting. “I feel we all have to practice our right to vote to voice our dissatisfaction or satisfaction.”

Xavier Jansen. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A local mechanic Steven Scheepers fears that the country is headed towards destruction. “The only visible change is the increase in everything except our salaries.

So no, I will not be voting.” PR Councillor Kevin van der Ross strongly believes that many of the positions and seats of authority, whether in Parliament or Legislature, will be filled with fresh new thinkers thus increasing the voter’s confidence for future elections.

PR Councillor, Kevin van der Ross. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“The biggest change will be the expansion of the consciousness of the man on the street with regards to politics. Because of social media, everyone is more opinionated than five years ago.”

Abigail Visagie