Electricity theft: Tip offs tip the scale

17 000 tip offs from the public have saved South Africa millions.

Operation Khanyisa – stand up against electricity theft

The highly successful Eskom-led anti-electricity theft campaign, Operation Khanyisa, has helped reduce Eskom’s losses from 7.12 percent in 2013 to 6.43 percent in 2016, which translates to an annual saving of R1.4 billion in electricity that Eskom would have generated at a loss.

Operation Khanyisa urges law-abiding South Africans to stand up against the scourge of electricity theft.

17 000 tip offs from the public

Tip offs from the public have led to investigations, arrests and court cases which have led to the recovery of R618 million in revenue for Eskom since 2013. More than 50 electricity theft suspects have been arrested and 26 court prosecutions have ensued.

Dileep John, Head of Operation Khanyisa, says this would not have been possible without help from the public. “Thanks to the 17 000 tip-offs we have received from the public since the campaign started, we have been able to bring to book perpetrators of this crime, which costs South Africa an estimated R20 billion each year.”

Under-reporting of electricity theft

Electricity theft continues, not just because people steal, but because communities tolerate or condone these criminal acts. It remains one of the most serious, but under-reported crimes in South Africa. Three quarters of the huge losses is suffered by municipalities, which in turn severely curbs their ability to function optimally, which affects everyone.

Reduction in deaths of innocent people

Putting electricity thieves out of business also means illegal connections are removed, which reduces the number of deaths of innocent people, particularly children, who get electrocuted.

Anonymous reporting

Keep on reporting electricity theft anonymously to Crime Line on 32211 at R1 for an SMS.