Electricity reductions in Welkom, Ficksburg


Eskom will implement load reduction during the morning peak hours in parts of Welkom and Ficksburg tomorrow. According to Free State spokesperson, Stefanie Jansen van Rensburg, this is to avoid overloading the Eskom network and damage to infrastructure in high-density areas that are prone to network overloading.

The implementation of load reduction will take effect from 06:00 until 09:00 on Sunday, 25 October 2020. The affected areas inculde the G Hostel area of Thabong, Welkom and Meqheleng in Ficksburg.

Jansen van Rensburg expressed that Eskom cannot afford the repeated replacing of transformers, and has a duty to protect equipment where overloading poses a continuous threat to expensive infrastructure.

“Overloading on the Eskom electrical network results in damage to electricity infrastructure through explosion of transformers and other mini-substations, and in prolonged outages. It also poses a great danger to people and property. In an endeavour to protect the network and to ensure the safety of the public, Eskom will switch off overloaded networks during peak periods. The practice of load reduction is in line with the electricity operating code,” she explained.

“Customers should not log a fault during the load reduction periods and should treat all installations as live and dangerous,” concluded the spokesperson.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele