Elections 2019, a family affair for the Mokotedi household

Reamogetswe, Kagisho, Rearabetswe and Mmabatho Mokotedi

The Mokotedi family were very excited as the 2019 national elections were the first elections they could take part in as a family.

“It feels great to have just voted. The most important factor is that this time I feel that there is hope with the changes that some parties have gone through. The main concern now is to stop corruption so that a lot of us who are overqualified can obtain proper jobs pertaining to what we have studied for,” said Mmabatho Mokotedi.

Bringing their children along was important to them so that they could share in the experience. “When we do things, we include them so that they are a part of what we are doing and have a better understanding of it. They know we are going to vote even though they do not fully understand the process.

“For me, putting on my outfit today, means I am excited to show that that this is the party that I’m going to vote for. As they get older they will understand and as parents we are going to have to explain to them why we voted and why it was important to take part in the elections.

“It was the first time that we came to vote as a family because the last time I was out of the country, so coming here as the a family feels great. We want our kids to grow up under the same party that we did, sharing its principles and policies. It’s great to be voting for the first time as a family,” said Kagisho Mokotedi. – Seithati Semenokane