Elderly man shot dead on Sasolburg farm


SABRINA DEAN AND KARIEN JORDAAN – Sasolburg police have confirmed a manhunt is still underway for an intruder who shot and killed a 67-year-old man living on Taaibosch farm near Sasolburg yesterday.

Spokesperson Livuhani Hani says the victim and his wife were in the house with family when she noticed an intruder through the window. "He actually went outside the house to enquire as to what was happening and unfortunately he was shot once in the upper body and was declared dead at the scene,” she says.

Hani says the intruder fled without taking anything. “Police were called to the scene and our dog unit and all other units have been looking for this intruder,” she says.

She says the search continues and the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. The victim’s name has not yet been released.

Meanwhile Free State Agriculture’s Tommie Esterhuyse also confirmed the incident, saying according to their information it happened late yesterday afternoon.