EFF might be more successful than new Collective for Democracy:Analyst



If speculations about Julius Malema’s party the Economic Freedom Fighters are correct, he may get more votes in his first time trying for parliament than the new alliance that was announced yesterday.

This is according to political analyst Theo Venter. Five opposition parties have formed a coalition to contest the general elections next year. The new Collective for Democracy consists of the African Christian Democratic Party, Congress of the People, the Freedom Front
Plus, the Inkatha Freedom Party, and the United Christian Democratic Party.

Venter says all five opposition parties as a collective might receive 4 to 5% in next year’s elections. He says the recently announced political coalition initially began more than a year ago with the involvement of the Democratic Alliance and United Democratic Movement.

Venter says during the process the DA and UDM left the discussions and the five parties of the Collective for Democracy coalition remained. Venter says it’s interesting that most of them are 1 to 2% parties and he is not expecting Cope to receive more votes they acquired during the 2009 elections.

“That tells you how small they are but I think it is a positive development that small parties come together and do think that they can do things collectively. It means a little bit more but with but with 4 to 5 % vote, we talking about 20 members in parliament out of 400 members, so it is really not big,” says Venter.