EFF expect more ANC members to join



The Economic Freedom Fighters say they are expecting more ANC members to join them.

According to Free State spokesperson Lucky Mongale, they are also aware that some ANC members cannot join the EFF, in fear of losing their jobs. He says politics have changed from being democratic to suppression.

Mongale says they are honoured and proud that former provincial ANCYL chairperson, Kgotso Morapela joined EFF yesterday.
“Kgotso realised that there is nothing that the ANC can do for the poor. There has been no progress, only a lot of infighting in the. In any organisation where there is a lot of infighting, we should keep know that when two bulls are fighting, the grass is the one that suffers and in this particular incident it’s ordinary ANC members and the community,” he says.

Mongale believes Morapela made the right move as he was part of Julius Malema’s youth league that believed in nationalisation of mines.

Morapela was part of the regime change coalition against chairperson Ace Magashule in 2012 and joined back Magashule’s terrain during last years’ provincial conference.