Education department launches chess league

One of the best chess players in the province, Keabetswe Ndzeku taking part in the bigger pieces demonstration.

The Free State Education Department launched a chess league for primary schools on Thursday 4 May 2017, at Kamohelo Primary School in Bloemspruit, Bloemfontein. The chess league aims to promote chess in schools and is targeted at learners who are in the foundation phase.

Each school will now have two or three chess sets.

All five districts in the province were handed equipment to help them to start playing chess immediately. The department will deliver about 3000 chess sets to 729 primary schools as part of this initiative. The department says the intention is to encourage all learners in each school to participate.

Deputy director general of special programmes, Khoarai Khoarai

Deputy director general of special programmes, Khoarai Khoarai, says the department has realised the importance of not only focusing on learners in the secondary and high school, but to ensure that delopment at foundation level is also emphasised. “Chess is exciting by nature, it teaches children so many skills, like concentration, creativity and competitiveness. There is a lot of calculation that happens, you also need to predict the move of the next person. So even in other situations it will help the leaners to read a situation before it happens, says Khoarai.”

The department expects every leaner to take part in this initiative.

Learners from various primary schools in Mangaung, including Brebner, Joe Solomon, Credence, Olympia, St Mary’s, Lesedi, Maboloka, Pholoho, Lekgae, Kgato, Tebelelo, Rutanang, Matla and Kamohelo took part in chess matches, including a bigger pieces demonstration.

Seithati Semenokane / Courant News