Easter weekend sports tournament in Heidedal

Photo: Sunset Daycare

The Heidedal community will be hosting an Easter Weekend Sports Tournament this weekend at Clive Solomon Stadium. Seven schools, 3 high schools and 4 primary schools, will be taking part.

Activities will include soccer, rugby, netball, karate, pool table, hockey, aerobics, chess as well as table tennis. The Heidedal Parkrun will also have its normal programme on Saturday, with organisers hoping to push the number of participants to over 200.

Organiser Peter Swartz, said they were inspired to host the tournament to help encourage learners to take part in extra-mural activities. “There are no longer extra mural activities at schools for a long time now, and sports are being suspended at schools because learners are being influenced by drugs. So I thought let’s start something as stakeholders that will impact our children and the community positively. We are also targeting the parents and hoping they will come in large numbers to support their children,” said Swartz.

The organisers are working together with the Mangaung Metro Municipality, the Departments of Education, Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation, the SAPS, the CPF, loveLife, Lilly’ Leafs and the Peter Swartz Foundation.

The event will be taking place from 19 to 22 April 2019, starting at 08:00 at the Clive Solomon Stadium. – Seithati Semenokane