Each one, teach one by donating school supplies


The rush of getting back to school has finally begun but unfortunately, so many children will be returning to school, hungry, unclothed and empty-handed.

That is why various community members, as well as Northridge Mall, have decided to establish initiatives that are aimed at donating school stationery, school clothes and shoes to the less fortunate.

Veronica Kruger, who’s a volunteer at the LoganK Foundation, mentioned that their mission is to help underprivileged community members. “I hail from a community that has a lot of people that cannot afford the basics, hence we started this initiative.

Veronica Kruger is a willing volunteer at the LoganK Foundation. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The LoganK Foundation will be donating school shoes, specifically targeting grade 1 learners because we have sponsors who have already started donating large amounts of school shoes.”

Northridge Mall hosts this donation drive every year and never seems to grow weary of giving back to the less fortunate. This donation drive inspired by Northridge Mall is specifically aimed at Sunflower House and ENGO children’s care.

Last year, Northridge Mall had a donation box strictly for toys but decided to extend this and include school stationery, clothes, shoes and anything the shopgoers would like to donate. The donation boxes are available and open for donation inside the mall.

Refilwe Xaba and her partner, Jabu Msimanga, who’s a school teacher, were inspired by all the unused school supplies that were lying around in their home and decided to partner with Lekhulong Secondary School in Bloemfontein to contribute school supplies as well as textbooks.

Refilwe Xaba and her partner, Jabu Msimanga are in collaboration with Lekhulong Secondary school. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“We plan to roll out the initiative to Tsoseletso, St Bernard and Kaelang and will be working closely with the SBST committee, which is responsible for the wellbeing of the learners” said Xaba. Xaba concluded by encouraging the community to donate. “Without the necessary school supplies, bright young minds lack the quality of education that they need to thrive academically.”


Abigail Visagie